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5 Instagrammers you need to be following

January 8, 2017
Best instagram accounts
So I’ve been super into instagram for the past couple of months, It’s a borderline obsession to scroll my timeline before I do anything else in the morning – genuinely unhealthy. However, in doing this I found some killer accounts that you need to follow right away. Here’s the breakdown of my top 5 Instagram accounts.


Andrew T Kearns - Photographs
Andrew is a photographer and youtuber over in the US, and everything he makes is just so dang pretty. I adore seeing the views from his travels, the rich oranges of golden hour and muted greens of the forest. Everything is so very professional and yet so very human.


Haarkon - Photographs
Haarkon is a wonderful blog run by India and Magnus, and they have a perfect instagram too. Their soft spot for plants and greenery fills their feed with beautiful colour and a sense of homeliness. What I admire most is the consistency with their work – they never fail to upload something that I love to see.


Emma Bates - Photographs
Emma’s feed is one that pulls me for it’s extremely human nature – you see images of her and her friends stood in trees or dancing around wonderfully white sandy beaches. The colours flow together so wholesomely, whilst maintaining the craziness and inconsistency that is fundamentally human.


Still - Photographs

I think at this point you can see I like a good picture of a plant, this is another master class in just that. The aspect that draws this from the others however is the compositions and arrangements, a little detail really. But it really makes a difference and gives me rad ideas for interior things that I want to create, and it’s all about what inspires you.

O'Dell's - Photographs
O’Dell’s is a menswear and lifestyle store in Shoreditch, and it’s feed is fantastic. It shows arrangements of the store and the products that are in that day – simple enough, but that’s exactly it’s beauty. The simplicity of the pieces they sell is what makes the profile really tie together as one.


So, that’s my top 5 instagram accounts of this month. Please go along and follow the accounts mentioned as your eyes will thank you a million times over! Let me know of any accounts you love, and the ones you run, in the comments as I’m eager to discover more.



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