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February 17, 2017

After moving into my new space I spent a lot of time concentrating on how I wanted the place to look, I’ve always been hugely interested by interiors and with design being such a huge part of my life I thought it very important to make the perfect space for me to unwind in – and I think I nailed it. I’m going to show you through the steps I took to perfect my interior aesthetic.

The first step to everything is always research. Research research research. It’s hugely important, start by looking at all the styles you can find – Pinterest is always a good place, you can see my board over here if you want to see where I started out. For me Scandinavian design is what it’s all about – the raw materials and basic forms give me all kinds of warm happies.

Next you need to break down the style you’ve chosen – think about all of the aspects that build up the look your going for – the colours, materials, shapes, all of it. Get a proper understanding of what you’re trying to achieve before you start buying things. Once you have that knowledge it’s time to start planning your space, that’s the key to getting the most out of it. Make sure all of the furniture you want will fit into your space and work smart – thinking about your layout and how you will use your space is integral to the process.

Now go buy things! Get all the furniture and extras you could wish for – if your plan is well thought through then the space will be perfect. Don’t be put off if it isn’t though, spaces often need time to settle in as you collect little pieces to make it seem more homely and personal.

If I can do it then surely you can too! If you’ve made a space you’re super proud of then please send me a link in the comments – I’m so nosey, I love to see how other people design their spaces!


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  • Greta

    I love your pinterest board! I get a lot of decor inspiration from Scandinavian designs too. Love that minimalist look.


  • Love your design idea! The minimalistic design is something I love too ❤️

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