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Favourite Things: Cereal Magazine

January 15, 2017
Cereal travel and style magazine
Hey! This week I want to start up a little segment on the blog that highlights some of my favourite things, be them products, publications or just anything really. So without further ado I introduce you to “Favourite Things: Cereal Magazine”.

Cereal travel and style magazine

What is it?
Cereal is a travel and style magazine that has been published bi-annually since 2010. It comprises of stories that cover places, people and products alongside beautiful photography. That’s one of the key factors that keeps one of these magazines on my desk or next to my bed all of the time. Creating is far easier if you can just reach over and look at something visually perfect.


Cereal travel and style magazine
Now it’s time to really dig into the design of this magazine. Incredibly bold minimalism is possibly the only way to encompass the look. Vast white spaces sprawl pages with the dream like images placed in a manor that reminds me of art galleries, it has such an instant calming effect. Even without the brilliantly well written editorial content, it’s just nice to look at.


It helps that it’s real, something that actually exists. Not a website or feed you scroll through just like anything else. It’s a barebones, thick papered experience – the smell of fresh print and feel of rough paper as you slowly browse through the pages are what make this something genuinely special, something that should be savoured.


Cereal travel and style magazine
What else?
Cereal also curates City Guides – individual publications that highlight stores, coffee shops and more in multiple major cities. I have the London city guide and can vouch for it’s excellence. On top of this they also run multiple social channels – I’m sure you can imagine how pleasing their instagram account is…


Cereal travel and style magazine
Final words
These magazines are wonderful, I find that having items like this around help massively with creating and putting yourself into the right state of mind. Just flicking through them in the evening during some down time is an absolute pleasure, I’m also not sure they well ever age or become out of date – longevity is always a fantastic feature.


Instagram: @cerealmag
Twitter: @cerealmag


Thank you for reading and have a great week.



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