5 Reasons to get houseplants

March 8, 2017
We all know that houseplants are super nice to have around, but not that many of us actually know why we like to have them in our spaces so much. So today I thought I’d note down 5 reasons to have houseplants in your home!


They look great!

There’s something about a deep, dark green against the white washed walls of a space that just looks so perfect. Having different kinds of plants throughout a space and opening up the colour palette to these rich greens can really tie everything together. I think sometimes minimal spaces can look a little bit too much like showrooms if they don’t have some life in them!


Plants bring life to the room

There’s something so gratifying about watching your plants grow and having new leaves pop up all over the place. It’s a real sense of accomplishment considering I can barely take care of myself! I think the first time I really felt this is with the plant above, it started to ‘cry’, they literally call it crying, it just started to drip water all over the place – that’s just pretty cool I think, having something else live in your space.


They clean the air

This is pretty obvious right? Well if not then having indoor plants will clean the air you have in the room! Not only do they clean the air but by increasing the rooms humidity they lower the amount of dust as well. This will mean you are less likely to get colds or coughs from dry air. Pretty rad stuff plants, you the real MVP.



This sounds seriously weird I know but the responsibility is really nice, knowing you have to take care of something actually makes you take more care of yourself. That’s super important!


Plants actually reduce stress!

So with all of the above, you should probably already be thinking of all the greenery you want to add into your life. But if you needed anything more, having plants actually reduces stress levels. Studies have shown that keeping house plants helps reduce heart rate and blood pressure. Ultimately reducing anxiety and raising productivity.


So there you go, plants seem like the most rad things now don’t they?! I thought so. Get yourself out and start getting some greenery in your space now!



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  • I love this post. Totally agree with this. I never really had plants in my house – just the occasional bunch of flowers – but now I have several plants in the living room, kitchen and bathroom and I love them so much. Majority of them even have names! Great post.




  • i’m not good at taking care of plants but i do want to have some in my own space one day, if that’s possible. maybe not huge plants, just some small succulents but i agree that plants definitely make your space feels more relaxing!

  • I definitely need to get more house plants, ii just have a chilli plant and some pretty dead cacti, oops!

    Rachael xx.

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