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Huck Magazine – Offline

April 8, 2017


This weeks magazine is Huck – in particular The Offline Issue. In the very beginning it speaks about how people will look back on 2016, how the year will be remembered as a time of division between everyone. With the election of Trump and the exit of the UK from the European union Huck finds it a particularly poignant time to unplug and take a little step back into the real world. And I have to completely agree with them – the comments made around state of everyones timelines, post election day, provided an amusingly relatable giggle.


Twenty sections build up the issue, topped and tailed by Singles and an Outtake. The Singles I find to be a new concept among all the magazines that I’ve read so far – it highlights specific images, and blows them up to fill an entire two page spread (apart from the small caption to the side, everything is better with context). I find this a great way to showcase some amazing photographs without the need for a larger, more complex article. Outtake is a fantastic way to box off the edition – it sits just one ‘behind the scenes’ style image in the centre of the final page. A small caption sits below it talking of the situation that lead to the photograph. It seems so fitting to start and end with simple photography.



So I’ve talked about the beginning and end, but what about the real meat? Well, as this is the offline issue we have a collection of eighteen longer written pieces that surround the ideas of ‘offline life’. Something that surprised me about these pieces though was their incredible range, it’s such an eclectic mix from off grid communities hidden throughout Europe to a guy that sneaks around building skate spots under the fluorescent lights of New York City at night. It truly is an extensive range and offers an understanding of so much in such a small package.


I have to thank Huck for sending over this issue for me to read through – alongside their sister magazine Little White Lies, I’ll get around to writing about that one soon! It’s an incredible organisation that they have going – exploring the world so that we can open our minds to how everyone else works – not necessarily to jump off and live in the mountains with them off grid groups but to take into account the elements that all these people live by, and think about how we live, and how we as humans can be fundamentally better.



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