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Amazing Spaces: Kyoto Garden – London

February 19, 2017
Amongst the rush that is central London there are some golden little spots that bring you totally out of reality, making the outside world seem distant. Kyoto garden is one of my favourite. Hidden away at the top of Holland park this astounding little Japanese garden sits in complete silence. It’s only a small space – and is not often busy – however it’s the layout that really strikes. The large open topped koi pond that stretches throughout the space, with it’s mini waterfalls and bridges is simply stunning. It’s something you simply don’t expect to see in the centre of a giant city.


In traditional Japanese gardening style the entire area is wonderfully thought through, the position of each element making the surroundings feel wholesome and simply perfect. A top of all it’s other features it also has a couple of peacocks that roam around the space, perfect for pictures!


If you live nearby and have never made a visit, then I can’t recommend it highly enough. It’s a wonderful space to unwind and forget the chaos of the city, it helps if you can go with good company too – but that helps wherever you go…



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