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Minimalism for beginners

February 13, 2017
So you’re interested in minimalism or think you’re a minimalist? That’s great! One of the best parts about this whole thing is that it’s incredibly inclusive, everyone has their own way of doing things, which leads to a great level of personalisation. I’m going to break down some possible characteristics so you can see if you align with any of them. They’re very open and vague but that’s the whole point – it’s all about understanding how you want to live!


Aesthetic minimalist: 
You love everything clean and simple. You massively appreciate minimal design in everything you see. Often this leads to the idea of super tidy clutter free spaces, this is 100% me! I adore the look of modern Scandinavian interiors for this reason entirely.

Aesthetic minimalist

Consumption minimalist: 
Owning less stuff and using less stuff. This is, I feel, the biggest category and in hindsight links strongly to the aesthetic minimalism. How can you have a clutter free environment if you have so much stuff? This is all about simplifying your life. Remove all of the unused items and making everything as easy as possible. For me this is very strong and makes the idea of quality over quantity super prominent when I’m considering purchasing something.

Consumption minimalist

Lifestyle minimalist: 
You strive to simplify your lifestyle in every way, you look at what it is that you want to achieve and remove distractions so that your goals can be reached as quick as possible. This allows you to understand what really matters to you. Like, do you work purely for the money or do you actually love what you do?

Lifestyle minimalism

Now there must be far more attributes that could be written out, however I feel that these are the most important factors in understanding minimalism as a concept – at the end of the day it’s about knowing what makes you happy and if this is one of them then hopefully you can understand it more now!


After that basic explanation – do you think you’re a minimalist? 



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