The importance of slowing down

February 15, 2017
Calm down

We live in a very busy time, if we’re not at work or school we’re busy scrolling through timelines. It becomes a real challenge to jam all the things you want to do into the 24 hours you have in a day. Keeping your brain healthy in that time as well is sometimes just impossible. That’s where it becomes important to slow yourself down.

My favourite way of getting some head space is wandering by the beach and watching the sea, it’s something me and Joanna do quite often. There’s something very special about just sitting down and watching the water lap up the beach, the sound of crashing waves and smell of sea air. It resets your mind and puts everything that’s going on in perspective.

There’s this very strange concept that exists at the moment that says everything has to be done immediately, which makes everyones lives such a manic rush. It’s just not needed. So by taking these simple, short moments to just slow yourself down you can pull yourself from the rat race, and watch what’s happening around you. At that point you start to appreciate everything a little more.

So if you have a spare ten minutes in your day (everyone does we just like to pretend we don’t). Then maybe take the time out to relax, and do so properly, leave your phone on the side, get some tea, light some candles and forget about everything for a little while. It’s important to keep your mind nice and healthy.

Another thing that helps with calming is forming routines, like a set of things you do before you go to bed or as soon as wake up in the morning – once you’ve got it down and don’t have to think about each thing anymore it becomes a really relaxing thing to complete. I know for sure that making a little evening routine has made me fall asleep far far easier. Maybe worth trying out?

Let me know what you do to let your mind relax in the comments, and if you find an evening routine has helped you too let me know about it!


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