5 Tips for Small Space Living

March 4, 2017
With moving into a shared house I’ve learnt quite a bit about living out of one room. My bedroom is also a dining room, living room and stores most of my kitchen stuff and so mastering how to hide as much of that as possible and keep everything nice and tidy has been a bit of a challenge. But I have five little tips for you here to master the art of small space living!


Have less stuff

A huge part of surviving in a small space is just not having that much stuff to put in it, seems super obvious right? Well it is – just cut down on some of the things you don’t need or use anymore and stop buying things that aren’t needed. I understand that that is far easier to say (well write) than it is to actually do, but it does solve the problem! Keeping surfaces clear and tidy will make help in making the room seem more open and spacious.


Understand your space

Know the space you’re working with. This will allow you to layout your furniture in the best possible way. Be aware that it’s not all about how much left over floor space there is, function is always more important than the form!


Make sure to use the height of the space you’re filling too.It’s often overlooked when most use floorplans to understand the room they’re working with but height can be used in many ways – whether that’s building upwards to make more storage or leaving it open to make the space feel bigger and more free.



So this ties in closely with the white and mirrors section quite a bit, but light is a massive part of making a space feel far nicer. Natural light is the best if you have the windows to give you enough of it, and then you can use a variety of techniques to bounce it around and get the most from it.


It’s also important to make the most out of night time light as well. Candles are great but you end up having to buy them all the time! My personal favourite way to light a room in the evening is using Philips Hue – it allows you to customise the colour and brightness of the lights in the room meaning you can get the perfect set up for your space (and you can make it weird colours too which is fun).


White and mirrors

Back to basics right? Well yes, but it’s still one of the most effective ways of making your space feel bigger and brighter. Painting the walls white bounces more light around the room, whilst having large mirrored surfaces make the space feel deeper (as well as moving the light around!). This can work great when thinking of multiple uses for furniture, for example mirrored wardrobe doors.


Storage storage storage

Okay so you’ve gotten rid of everything you don’t need anymore, now you need to store it all! After planning your room so well, think about the furniture you’re going to put into it. How much ‘stuff’ do you really have? and how much of it do you need to access most of the time. Put the less important things in harder to reach places. Storage is the key to making your space actually usable.


So that’s just a few little tips to help you master the art that is small space living, let me know any of your little tricks in the comments!



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