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Summer Vibes

April 12, 2017

Summer Vibes

We’ve recently had some super lovely weather down here by the sea – and it’s kicked me into action with thinking about summer. Can I just say that I’m so damn excited! This will be my first summer down here in Brighton and I’ve had everyone hyping it up an awful lot – I’m just hoping it lives up to the talk! With all of this excitement I’ve started to put all of my plans together for the up coming months – so I thought I’d let you in a few little tips that can help make sure you have the best summer!


Plan as Much as Possible

My first little tip is to plan as much as you can, however there is a fine line for over-planning. The best idea is to just think about the time you actually have and plan major holidays, trips or weekends away around that. This means that you don’t double book yourself later down the line – and you get the most out of them trips as you can make sure to research the best places to visit along the way. I’ve left a few suggestions below for my favourite little guides to get you to the best spots around!


London City Guide  –  The London Coffee Guide  –  Lonely Planet


Save Money

Summer is always expensive af – I’m expecting it to be more than ever this year with being right in the centre of a city! However there are a whole mess of ways to get through without being flat broke. The first is to follow that first step, by planning trips you can get the best prices on flights and transport, as well as knowing that you have to pay for it all in advance – allowing you to save properly for them rad adventures.


Another way to save money is to just do cheap things – not everything has to cost you an arm and a leg. Grab some friends and a speaker and most things will go pretty well, even if it’s grabbing some drinks from the supermarket and cracking them open on the beach, or maybe picking up a disposable barbecue for the night. Just make sure they’re allowed where you’re going!!


Organise your Wardrobe NOW

This seems so simple – but it can actually make a heck of a difference. Get your summer wardrobe sorted out now, think about the sort of style you feel like going for this season and start slowly picking up some pieces now in the lead up. This means you don’t end dropping a few hundred on clothes in one go right when you don’t have that sort of money laying around. By making sure you have that style down you can also buy less, but nicer things. If everything goes together then there’s no need to be getting seven hundred different items – just get a limited number of nicer ones that will last a few seasons. Quality over quantity everyday.


Follow these simple little rules and you can make sure you have your summer on track for success – when it comes around you can just chill and enjoy the ride!


Got any tips of your own? Let me know in the comments!


Thank you,



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  • These are great. Thanks for the London guides though, have lived here for a month and have yet to see a LOT.

    Arden | Missing Wanderer

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