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The Best of February

March 1, 2017
February is over! We’re a month closer to summer and twenty eight days further into 2017. I’ve been up to quite a bit this past month and I thought that I’d write a little bit about my favourite things. With the thought that I can do this every month I decided to give it a little more structure, so we’re looking at four particular things; an item, a tv show, an album and a magazine. This is to force me into finding new things every month, I have a very bad tendency to just listen to the same album over and over again.

iPhone 7

I got the new iPhone! I know, I’m consumerist scum right? Yup, I’m aware of that. However it is truly amazing how much difference a new phone makes. With my old device being an 8GB 5C I could barely do anything, there would be no chance of downloading any new apps and the images it took were frankly atrocious.


The camera on this thing is incredible and I love the fact that I can just take as many pictures as I want without having to worry about running out of darn space! I can’t wait to take this on holiday with me and test out taking some pictures underwater like those of Andrew Kearns (seriously check this out, it’s mental).


The Fresh Price of Bel-Air

I adore this show, I have adored it for a very long time as well which really roots it into my mind. I’ll often go back and re-watch tv shows – I feel like if you watch them at different times in your life you gain different perspectives of the stories.


For me this is very poignant, when I watched it originally it was great because of the funny faces that Will Smith made and the bright 90’s colours that filled the screen. But now it teaches a different story that I completely missed beforehand, one about a guy that’s away from his family and struggles to find his feet. That’s me recently. It pays to re-watch.


Marian Hill – Marian Hill

This self named album is amazing. Originally I found the first song ‘Down’ from an Apple tv advert and from that point I completely fell in love. The classic tones mixed with the electronic beats are just a simply a mixture to die for. I adore it.


The best part is that I forced myself to look for new music with this post in mind and finding new music, or just new art in general, is super super important. I very highly recommend using the radio or preset playlists in your streaming thingy (I use Tidal, it’s pretty).


Salt & Wonder

I love a good magazine, especially this kind with the large beautiful images, thick textured paper and gallery like feeling. For me it’s great to have these sorts of magazines or books around – especially when I’m working, having beautiful things around makes everything just that bit easier! I pick up a new one of these magazines every month so hopefully I can spotlight it in this little feature here!


That’s the first ‘best of’ I hope you enjoyed this little breakdown and let me know your favourite things from this month in the comments!



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